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Village Pounds

  Village Pound, Minchinhampton. Gloucs.
  The Village Pound (or Pinfold) was used to house any stray beasts that were rounded up. The owner had to pay a fee to the Poundsman (Pounder, Pinder) before the animals were released.

  Examples of pounds can be found in many areas of the country still. Depending on local materials available they may be of stone, flint or brick construction. A few have an earth bank topped by a stock-proof hedge.

  In recent years a number of pounds have been restored. A few have been put to new uses such as for gardens or to house a display of local history.

  Although once common throughout the country the only clue remaining in many communities is a Pound Lane or maybe a Pound Cottage which may once have housed the Poundsman responsible for its upkeep, care of impounded animals and for administering the fines for strays.

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