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Village Signs
Village Sign, Earls Barton, Northants Decorative Village Signs are found around the country and are unique to their location.
Village pounds (pinfolds)
Village Pound, Minchinhampton. Gloucs. Structures used to hold stray animals until returned to their owners on payment of a fine.
Village Lock-ups and stocks
Village Lock-up, Shrewton, Wilts Also known as cages, blind houses, round houses, guard houses amongst other alternative names, these small buildings were used to detain drunkards and criminals overnight before their appearance before a magistrate.
Wall-painted Adverts (Ghost Signs)
Banbury wall-painted adverts The walls and gables of buildings made a great canvas on which to paint adverts either for the shop or business itself or for products sold within.
3D Trade and Shop Signs
Modern 3D advertising sign 3D Trade signs were representative of the business carried on in an office or shop. These included the three gold balls of the pawnbroker and the striped pole of the barber/surgeon.
Metal Advertising Signs
Metal Advertising Signs Metal advertisement signs Enamelled metal signs were produced to be attached to the walls of shops. The shopkeeper would be paid to display an advert for a product.
Cyclists' Touring Club Signs
CTC Headquarters sign CTC The Cyclists Touring Club placed signs on establishments offering accommodation or repair facilities for cyclists.
Milestones and Signposts
Blandford Milestone Waymarkers, giving directions, and signposts and milestones including mileages can be found along roads throughout the country.
Brewery Insignia
Bass Brewery Plaque Many breweries have changed hands or closed over time yet their insignia may still be found in etched glass, tiles, brickwork or as plaques or decorative features on pubs and former pubs.
Inn Signs
Anchor Bleu Inns have displayed signs for centuries and these have become an art form in the form of painted panels and sculptures.
Queen Victoria Jubilee Plaques
Jubilee Plaque, Romsey, Hants Queen Victoria celebrated her Golden Jubilee in 1887 and her Diamond Jubilee in 1897. For each of these occasions Stanley Bros. of Nuneaton produced terracotta plaques, a number of which can still be seen today countrywide.
Tiled Doorways
Tiled doorway, Ison Chymist Many shops from Victorian times onwards had tiled doorways. These were either decorative or carried the name of the establishment.
Tiled Shopfronts
Tiled panel Shop fronts were often tiled and some, especially those of butchers, fishmongers and greengrocers, carried pictorial panels.
Tiled Pubs
Howard Arms, Carlisle Decorative tiled frontages, often including the name of the pub or brewery, were a feature in some areas. Some pubs also featured tiled interiors.
Glendurgan Maze Mazes and labyrinths have been popular for centuries. Around Britain there are many examples including turf, brick, stone and hedge mazes.
Jimmy Dyer Decorative items in stone and other durable materials placed in the landscape.
Buildings - Almshouses
Taylors Almshouses Charitable homes built especially to house the old and the sick.
Consumer Competitions
  Consumer Competitions have been around for a long time although their format may have changed over the years. At any one time there are thousands of pounds worth of prizes available. There are many things you can do to increase your chances of success.
UK Travel
Watercress beds
Buttercup Meadow, Oxfordshire The British countryside offers a wealth of variety, not only from region to region but also from season to season.
Horse Troughs
Horse Trough, South Godstone

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