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Tiled Shopfronts

  Tiled panel
  Glazed tiled were often used on the front of shops, covering the pillars and area below the shop window and the walls alongside the doorway. Many of these resemble brickwork and are generally in dark green, blue or red with white for food establishments.

  Glazed tiles afforded an easily cleaned surface and were used to tile the interiors of shops serving food items, particularly meat, fish and greengrocery items. The wall tiles often incorporated decorative panels. Those of butchers' shops often included grazing animals in idyllic rural scenes. Fishmongers had various sea creatures on their walls and greengrocers baskets of fruit or fruit trees bending under the weight of bumper crops.

  In some cases these tiled panels were applied to the outside of the premises and these have often remained despite subsequent changes in use for the properties. Some butchers shops still retain their decorative pictorial tiled panels including examples at Oundle, Northants and Treorchy and Penarth in South Wales.

  If you know of other well-preserved or unusual examples please let me know using the contact form.

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