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Tiled Pubs

  Howard Arms, Carlisle
  Whilst a number of breweries produced ceramic plaques of their logo to display on their tied properties some went a step further and used glazed tiles for the pub frontage and a few carried this into the interior design too.

  The name of the pub may be produced in tile form and many include the name of the brewery and the slogans associated with the brand. A number of the remaining examples around the country carry the livery of defunct breweries such as Brickwoods and Stroud. Those that have the name displayed are less likely to be renamed with a change of ownership.

  Interiors may display tiled panels depicting the locality or the brewing process. Others have tiled bars, shaped to allow customers to stand easily at the bar. An example is on display at the Jackfield Tile Museum, part of the Ironbridge group of museums, and a few remain in situ.

  Many of the designs were quite elaborate and inevitably those that remain have suffered damage over the years but also add to the diversity of the street scene.

  Some counties have a number of surviving examples including Hampshire, Worcestershire, Yorkshire and Cumbria. The photo gallery has a selection from different areas. If you know of other examples why not use the contact form.

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