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Tiled Doorways

  Tiled doorway, Ison Chymist
  At one time a walk down the street would have revealed a range of different tiled doorways. These fell into three main categories.

  Doorways tiled with different patterns were most common. Mainly geometric patterns were used although some used smaller tiles and were shaped into swirls and other decorative shapes, often designed to fit into oddly shaped spaces. Some used the unglazed tiles generally used for flooring whilst others employed glazed tiles.

  Some shopkeepers chose to include their name in the tiled pattern making them easy to identify as one walked along the street. They may also include the nature of their business.

  Stores that had a number of branches often used the name or logo of the company in the tiles paving the entrance. Examples are Burton's the Tailors and Bateman's the Opticians. Examples can still be found for retail names that are no longer with us such as Hepworth's and Fosters, both men's outfitters, International grocery stores and Frisby shoe shops.

  There were a few shops that carried an advert in their tiles for a popular product. At least one example of one for Bovril has been found.

  Do any shop doorways locally have interesting tiles? Why not use the contact form to let me know?

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