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Queen Victoria Jubilee Plaques

  Jubilee Plaque, Romsey, Hants
  Queen Victoria celebrated her Golden Jubilee (fifty years as Queen) in 1887 and her Diamond Jubilee (sixty years) in 1897. Communities chose to mark these events with celebrations and many wanted a more permanent reminder. Around the country, town halls, hospitals and libraries were built and smaller tokens, such as fountains and statues, were used to mark the occasion.

  Many enterprising companies produced items that could be incorporated into the memorials. One such was the firm of Stanley Bros. in Nuneaton. They manufactured a range of terracotta wares in a variety of colour options. For the 1887 Jubilee they produced a two foot square plaque with a separate date piece to be placed above the plaque. These were intended to be attached to buildings erected during the Jubilee year. These plaques were again made available for the later 1897 Jubilee.

  The number produced is unknown but some can still be found around England and Wales. A recent sighting of a plaque in Scotland suggests there may have been more there, too. A few plaques have an additional border placed around the plaque as in the case of the Romsey example. Some have been painted but most retain their original colour.

  Many must have been lost as buildings were demolished and areas redeveloped. Do you know of a building that still carries one of these plaques? If so, why not use the contact form to let me know.

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