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Metal Advertising Signs

  Metal Advertising Signs
  Enamel signs were produced to advertise a wide range of products from tobacco to sewing machines, farm machinery to petrol. Durable and colourful they attracted attention and showed confidence on behalf of the company. They were often displayed on the premises of their stockists who received a fee for the use of the space.

  Today the signs have become collectable and many are on display at museums, heritage railways and other locations with many more in private hands. Many have outlasted the products they advertise and some, such as those for tobacco or cigarettes, would no longer be allowed. The claims made on some signs would also fall foul of modern advertising standards.

  Where the signs depict long vanished companies and products they are a valuable insight into our recent past and as such are of more value where they remain in situ such as petrol and oil signs on garages and Spratts pet food signs on ironmongers or pet shop walls.

  Displays of enamel signs can be seen at the Blists Hill site of the Ironbridge Museum, the Oxford Bus Museum and the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre at Quainton.

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