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Cyclists' Touring Club Signs

  CTC Headquarters sign
  The Cyclists' Touring Club was founded in 1878. As people ventured further afield on their cycles the need for refreshment and overnight accommodation became apparent. Establishments willing to offer facilities to cyclists were marked by large cast iron wheels carrying the club insignia. Measuring two feet in diameter they were bolted to the masonry and many still survive around the country.

  At first there were two levels of accommodation offered, the first being marked by the word Headquarters above the wheel whilst the second simply had Quarters. Later the distinction was removed and plain wheels were used.

  Cycles needed attention as much as the riders and premises offering such services carried a wheel with the words Repairers to above the wheel.

  Later the cast iron wheels were superseded by smaller signs in embossed copper and later still enamel yellow and black signs. Examples of all these can still be found.


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