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Consumer Competitions

  Entering consumer competitions has been a hobby for many years. I have contributed letters, tips and filler items to a number of publications on this topic. In the past competitions were to be found in magazines, or on leaflets and products in shops. Today these represent only a small proportion of competitions available. At any one time there are thousands of pounds worth of prizes to be won. Competitions may be found in most publications, on TV and radio shows and on-line.

  Five Tips to Remember

  1. Check the closing date.
2. Read the rules and follow them carefully.
3. If a slogan is required make sure you are within the limit. Remember to count shortened forms such as it's as 2 words.
4. If the prize is time sensitive, check you could use it if you won. Holiday prizes often exclude school holidays for example.
5. If considering multiple entries do check that the rules allow this. Some allow only one entry per person or per household.

  Tips for Internet comps

  1. Have a designated email to use for competition entries. This protects your main inbox from spam. Do remember to check it regularly, though, as winners are often contacted by email.
2. Make sure you have auto-fill enabled as many forms can be completed in this way.
3. Set up a page in Word that has your name and contact details. These can be copied and pasted quickly when required.


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