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Brewery Insignia

  Bass Brewery Plaque
  At one time every town of any size had at least one brewery producing beer for a number of tied houses within the locality. Today, although a number of micro breweries are coming into existence, the trend is for larger and larger companies formed through mergers and take-overs. This means much of the brewery insignia found on our remaining pubs (and former pubs) now represents defunct breweries.

  Today with not only breweries but also pubs in decline insignia from breweries of the past can be found on a variety of buildings. These can take many forms. Etched or stained glass window glass, tiled panels, door plaques and names included on inn signs are the most common.

  As breweries have been taken over the new companies have had a mixed attitude to the marks of the past on their buildings. In some instances all references to former owners has been ruthlessly swept away whilst others have been left as a symbol of their history. Many pubs have now become private homes or have been adapted for other public use. Any of these may carry evidence of defunct breweries.

  A number of our surviving breweries are changing their ways of marking their properties. Plaques are now often plastic or metal rather than the more decorative ceramic examples. Even the inn signs themselves are changing.

  The photo gallery contains examples of insignia from a number of different breweries including many no longer brewing. The range and variety show their contribution to the appearance of a locality.

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