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Buildings Almshouses

  Taylors Almshouses
  Almshouses can be found around the country and were built to offer accommodation to the elderly. Many foundations date back to the Middle Ages when religious institutions provided the funding for their building. One of the most well known of these is the St Cross Hospital and almshouses at Winchester in Hampshire. Others were the gift of individuals who left money for Almshouses to be erected in their memory. Those at Ewelme in Oxfordshire were founded by the Duke and Duchess of Suffolk, Alice, the Duchess, being a granddaughter of Geoffrey Chaucer.

  Almshouses often have unusual features such as clock towers or elaborate chimneys. The Moyle Almshouses in St German, Cornwall are built on two levels. Buildings may include coats of arms and an inscription detailing the founder. They can be found in towns and cities but are often found in villages and smaller communities too.

  Besides a roof over their heads those accommodated may receive other benefits such as a food, fuel or clothing allowance. In some instances they may be required to wear special uniforms and to attend church. But often these rules have been relaxed for modern occupants.

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