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3D Trade and Shop Signs

  Modern 3D advertising sign
  In the days before universal education 3D signs representing an aspect of the trade within a building was the ideal way of advertising. They identified the trade and were easily seen from a distance. Today few of these remain although the red and white striped barber’s pole is still widely used and recognised.

  A number of Clark’s shoe shops have large 3D riding boots hung outside and Russell and Bromley stores favour a golden boot, apparently a replica of one that hangs in the boardroom.

  Ironmongers are often symbolised with large copies of stock items usually a kettle or a padlock. A key is more usually used for a Locksmith.

  Whittards of Chelsea favour a large coffee pot for many of their stores. Teapots on the other hand, usually symbolise a café or tea shop.

  In some areas the use of such signs has been revived. In Winchester, for example, an estate agent uses a silhouette of a house and a dental surgery a tooth. These make a refreshing change from the corporate logos common to almost every high street.

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